I lead games special projects for a big tech company. In my former life, I was the marketing and communications director for iThrive Games, a nonprofit working at the intersection of game design, mental health, and education. I volunteer with initiatives that support inclusiveness and diversity in the video game industry. I’ve worked on more than 60 games in various capacities and my clients have included UCLA, Playdom, Playmatics, and Jelly Belly Candy Company. I spun up the original IGDA Foundation’s Women in Games Ambassadors Program (now Velocity) and worked as its director for three years, was the IGDA Perspectives art director for five years, spent five years as chair of the IGDA Women in Games steering committee, and I earned an EMBA from SFSU.

“A pleasure to work with, work for, and to be around.”

Grace Lim, Former Project Coordinator, Novy Unlimited




I’ve been working in communications, marketing, branding, and design since 2004. From overseeing a $1M ad budget to taking a client from <200 to 30,000+ Facebook page likes with “one neat trick,” I employ consent-based marketing strategies to earn customer loyalty and drive traffic.


From pushing pixels in Russian, Chinese, and Arabic as an international packaging designer to leading cross-functional teams on re-branding campaigns, I’ve honed a passion for cohesive and engaging visual experiences. 


I’ve worked on more than 60 released games in a variety of capacities (mostly indie), including Playdom’s Big City Life (writer), Killer Snails (graphic designer), and When Rivers Were Trails (writer). 


I am deeply passionate about inclusion, equity, and accessibility. This has led to a mention in Venture Beat, an MVP award from the International Game Developers Association, and a five year run as chair of the Women in Games Special Interest Group



I’ve spoken around the United States at events like Indiecade, GDC, and SIEGE on topics like Empathetic Games, The Importance of Inclusivity, and Brand Leadership for Indies. 


Stories are what brands are built on. I like to ask hard questions and prioritize authenticity as the key to connecting deeply with consumers. 


GDC 2016

GDC 2016

Some of the incredible IGDAF volunteers, scholars, and ambassadors of GDC 2016.

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Wow! GDC 2015 was a lot of things this year  – but I had to lead with this: I am so honored to be among this year’s MVP award recipients! I’ve always been in awe of the work these amazing folks do, so it was such a wonderful surprise to be included...

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She changed their lives by creating the most memorable event of 2015. With less than two months to prepare, she defined the vision for the program and executed it – building a team, a project identity, an itinerary of events, the messaging, and the visuals that gave the [Scholarships] their unique identity.

Molly Sheets

CEO, Ker-Chunk Games & Former IGDA Scholars Director

Cat is a tremendous professional and I was very blessed to have her talents at my disposal. From a design perspective she has an incredible eye for creating engaging and visually exciting materials that also easily convey meaning and content to the viewer. Her understanding of both print and digital media and the crossovers and obstacles of working with one or the other are invaluable and saved us a tremendous amount of time and money.

Joshua Caulfield

Former Executive Director, IGDA

Cat is literally, without a doubt, the best person ever. That is not an exaggeration. It is scientific fact. She has been a role model for me and has been my main lifeline into the GameDev community. At IGDA, she was introduced to me as “an invaluable resource” of whom I was to seek approval. Her efforts are the backbone of the newsletter effort and she continues to be an integral part of that team, as a designer, moderator and coach. I would do terrible, terrible things for the opportunity to work with her. Luckily, I don’t have to.

Lux Lubrano

Volunteer, IGDA

Extraordinary. Dedicated. Talented. Intelligent. Cheerful…

Cat’s hands-on experience in leading campaigns, managing diverse teams, and directly working on projects makes her incredibly adaptive. She’s a talented writer, critical thinker, and inspiring leader who is pleasant to be around. I would gladly leap at any opportunity to work with Cat in the future — I cannot recommend her enough.”

Blane Humphries

Former Account Manager, Novy Unlimited

As a manager, Cat always goes beyond the call of duty for her team, the assignments at hand, and the needs of the client and is one of the kindest, most talented, versatile, and professional individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. With her vast knowledge of the industry, Cat always brings fresh, innovative ideas and an an informed perspective to the table. She is quick on her feet and quick to solve any and every problem in a new, interesting way and will do everything in her power to ensure the task is completed. Cat shines as a exceptional writer, creative thinker, clever problem solver, and well-organized individual. Above all, Cat is one-of-a-kind for her compassion, cheerful nature, insight, and incredible passion for everything she pours her heart into — and is an absolute delight to work with and for.

Julie Morley

Marketing Coordinator, Novy Unlimited