WIG SIG @ GDC 2014

Here’s a prettier version of the Women in Games Special Interest Group’s activities this week. Hope to see you there!

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GDC 2014

My goodness! It’s that time again!

GDC 2014 is just around the corner and I’m up to my ears in to-dos. If you’ll be there this week, please consider checking out any of these incredible sessions being put on by the Women in Games SIG (of which I am co-chair):

Women Don’t Want to Work in Games (And Other Myths)
Wed., 3/19, 11am-12pm, Room 2010, West Hall

Attracting and Hiring Women in Games
Wed., 3/19, 2-3pm, North Hall Room 125, Roundtable

Covering Women Developers – A Guide for Game Journalists
Thurs. 3/20,11:30am- 12:30pm, North Hall Room 112, Roundtable

WIG SIG Annual Meeting
Thurs., 3/20, 10-11am, North Hall Room 113

WIG SIG Social
Thurs., 3/20, 11:30am-12:30pm, IGDA Booth, S. Hall, Upper Lobby

Enrolling Women in Game-Related Degree Programs
Fri., 3/21, 10-11am, North Hall Room 121, Roundtable

You’ll also see some of my design work around the conference again – at the IGDA booth and elsewhere. If you want to meet up, please reach out to me at cat [at] catwendt [dot] com.

Illustrated Gamer Cat

Illustrated Gamer Cat

Here’s a cute little kitty I originally designed for my business cards to use at GDC, but I decided it was a bit too casual for my personal brand. Regardless, I still like it and plan to create a few friends for her in the future.

Created in Adobe Illustrator, drawn with Wacom Bamboo.


Overcoming Anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety

One of the things I’m focusing on with Qwerty Café is a recurring column on overcoming anxiety. It’s something I’ve personally struggled with in the past, and I wish I had more tools early on to help make day-to-day activities a bit easier. Other self-identifying nerd-types also seem to suffer from varying forms of social anxiety with some regularity, so I thought the topic would fit in nicely at QC. My first entry in the series deals with driving to and from special events. There were times I’d decline social invites based solely on a fear of how I would get there, so I hope some folks will find the information to be useful.

Overcoming Anxiety: Driving to the Party


Launching Qwerty Café

I banded together with a few foodie cousins of mine to create Qwerty Café! It features recipes, reviews, and entertaining tips for nerd-types everyone. We’ve got ourselves an actual culinary school graduate (fancy!) but more importantly we each present our unique perspectives on everything from overcoming social anxiety to the best drink pairing for video games. And tasty food. There’s a LOT of that.

What’s been extra fun about launching a food-centric site is that we’ve been meeting up for recipe tasting dinners nearly every Friday. Yum!


Another year, another GDC

It’s March, so I’m at GDC in San Francisco again (with a steady supply of Emergen-C)! There’s a lot to look forward to this year, including speaking on Thursday and the always fantastic Microsoft Women in Games Award Luncheon. Oh! And don’t forget this year’s new Advocacy Track - highly recommended.

If you’re there and want to connect, please reach out to me on Twitter. You can also find some of my design work at the IGDA Booth in the South Hall Lobby of Moscone – there’s the special GDC print edition of the IGDA Perspectives Newsletter and our pop-up booth background.

Happy conferencing!