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A “pragmatic creative,” Cat combines her degree in PR with a passion for aesthetics. She’s a creative leader with extensive experience in marketing, writing, and graphic design, and is also a fierce advocate for inclusiveness and diversity in the video game industry. She has worked on more than 60 games in various capacities and her clients have included UCLA, Playdom, Playmatics, and Jelly Belly Candy Company. She is also the director of the IGDA Foundation’s Women in Games Ambassadors Program.



For stories behind new portfolio additions, project updates, occasional design tips, random musings, and other Cat-centric news, check out her blog.

Rates & Services

Rates & Services

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Visit the Contact page to reach out to Cat regarding new projects, speaking engagements, or any questions you may have about graphic design, marketing, video games, or the universe.

Curious about Cat? Here’s the word on the street.

Cat is the perfect balance of “Get it done” and “Get it done right.” Her network and ability to create quality content is unsurpassed. Cat is an experienced, “full-stack” marketer. She brings brand awareness, organizational skills, design prowess, and technical know-how to each project. Cat was asked to create the IGDA Foundation’s Intel iniative from the ground up. She used the IGDA Scholars Program and resources as a template, but instead of cloning it, she re-defined it and created a program that was tailored to the 29 women developers she sent to GDC. She changed their lives by creating the most memorable event of 2015. With less than two months to prepare, she defined the vision for the program and executed it – building a team, a project identity, an itinerary of events, the messaging, and the visuals that gave the Intel Scholarships their unique identity. She owned it.

Molly Proffitt, Co-Founder & CEO at Ker-Chunk Games

Cat delivered some excellent graphic work that I needed to get my business rolling. I have gotten an incredible amount of mileage out of the services she provided — excellent return on investment. Cat was abundantly friendly and helpful. I have no hesitation recommending her to others.

Keith Fuller, Fuller Game Production

Cat is literally, without a doubt, the best person ever. That is not an exaggeration. It is scientific fact. She has been a role model for me and has been my main lifeline into the GameDev community. At IGDA, she was introduced to me as “an invaluable resource” of whom I was to seek approval. Her efforts are the backbone of the newsletter effort and she continues to be an integral part of that team, as a designer, moderator and coach. I would do terrible, terrible things for the opportunity to work with her. Luckily, I don’t have to.

Lux Lubrano, QA @ Microsoft

Cat is a tremendous professional and I was very blessed to have her talents at my disposal. From a design perspective she has an incredible eye for creating engaging and visually exciting materials that also easily convey meaning and content to the viewer. Her understanding of both print and digital media and the crossovers and obstacles of working with one or the other are invaluable and saved us a tremendous amount of time and money.

Joshua Caulfield, CEO AIAS