The final issue of IGDA Perspectives is up and out, and so my time as its art director has come to a close. Big thanks to Elizabeth LaPensée for being a deeply supportive partner-in-crime throughout its many incarnations and also a smart, loyal, insightful, and courageous editor-in-chief (I’d recommend her in a heartbeat). Much gratitude also to Joshua Caulfield for originally bringing us on board all those years ago. And to the many volunteers and staff members who gave *countless* hours and an abundance of talents to making it a successful publication – writers, columnists, copy-editors, designers, board members – thank you and much love.

The final issue is at the link below, but my favorite to design was probably this one:

At its peak, it went out to more than 74,000 email subscribers and existed as a dedicated email, a website, a text-only PDF, a 26+ page magazine-like PDF that itself received more than 25,000 views per issue, and a printed issue distributed at major industry conferences including GDC.

Each and every issue had its unique challenges, quirks, and rewards, and looking back I am very proud of what we accomplished.

All that being said, I’m very excited to see what the future holds. Off I go!

IGDA Perspectives Farewell Issue

P.S. Extra special thanks to Arturo Vargas, Heather M Decker-Davis, Lux Lubrano, AV Leaf, Sheri Rubin, Wendy Despain, Jack Bogdan, Ryan Arndt, Kate Edwards, and Tristin Hightower for their various contributions throughout the years!